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Immigration detention is not the answer, for anyone.

People are detained without a time limit, for months, sometimes even years.

It is harmful and expensive. It robs people of their dignity, spirit and lives.

This can’t go on.

We are working towards an immigration system that is based on humanity, compassion and fairness.

To begin this process of change and to reduce detention, we are calling for:

Community-based alternatives to detention that respect rights can minimise the use of detention, reducing costs and helping people to live with dignity in the community while going through the immigration process.


Why are bills an important part of a campaign?

Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash As part of the UK’s ‘preparation’ for Brexit, a bill called the Immigration and Social Security Coordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill is currently before Parliament. The purpose of the bill is ‘to end free movement [...]

Is it finally time for a time limit?

Image by @Carcazan The past 18 months have seen a flurry of immigration detention-related inquiries. If nothing else, this makes plain that we still need solutions to the entrenched problems associated with indefinite detention identified by the cross-party parliamentary inquiry [...]

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Unlocking Detention is a twitter tour of the Detention Estate

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Last week we shared @AfterExpProject 's report on survivors of trafficking in #detention which included very concerning findings about the Home Office's data transparency. You can find the report here https://t.co/gu0JejLqcf

Are you interested in visiting people in #detention or helping to organise support? @sdetsup have a training day on 4th August but you will need to reserve a place (you don't have to be a SOAS student to get involved)

Radical reform of immigration #detention in the UK is necessary to uphold human rights and protect civil liberties. These fundamental changes are the priority

We're getting more active on instagram! Follow us there to further support our mission to support people in immigration detention and bring about detention reform.

Username: sdvisitors

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