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Join our team! Social media volunteers needed

Social media volunteers needed!  Deadline 10 September 2018 We are looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers who have a deep interest in and commitment to challenging immigration detention and promoting migrants' rights, and can help us increase our social media presence. This social media role includes tasks such as: making sure our Twitter account [...]

The UN Convention against Torture: Holding the government to account

Romany Kisbee-batho is a volunteer at the Detention Forum. She attended a recent workshop on the UN Convention against Torture organised by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. She writes: The Equality and Human Rights Commission hosted a workshop on the UN Convention against Torture (CAT) earlier this year in [...]

Detention reform: Shaw’s progress review in context

Stephen Shaw’s follow up review on the UK’s immigration detention system – Assessment of government progress in implementing the report on the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons – was published on 24 July 2018. This was intended as a review of the progress achieved (or not) by the Home Office [...]

The wait is over: The second Shaw Review is finally published

In this guest blog, originally published by Scottish Detainee Visitors, SDV director, Kate Alexander, takes a look at the follow up to 2016’s Shaw Review and presents an overview of its findings. Last week the Government finally published Sir Stephen Shaw’s follow up to his 2016 review of the welfare [...]

The Detention Forum guide to navigating immigration detention statistics

The Home Office and Office of National Statistics regularly publish detailed tables showing the numbers of people held in immigration detention and subsequently released or removed from the UK. But what do these figures mean, and how can we use them? One way is to identify key statistics that give [...]