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Campsfield Detention Centre to close in May 2019

The Home Office announced today that Campsfield detention centre will close by May 2019, as part of the detention reform programme announced by the Home Secretary in July 2018 in response to the follow-up Shaw Review. You can read the Home Office statement here. Eiri Ohtani, Project Director at the [...]

‘How do we make this work?’ – our BIG #Time4aTimeLimit meeting

Once a year, the Detention Forum hosts a reflection event for our members. It takes a lot of effort to organise it, but it is always worth it. Challenging immigration detention is exhausting. So celebrating our collaboration, reaffirming our purpose and preparing for the next stage gives us strength and [...]

Refugee Tales: 28 tales for 28 days

This is a guest post featuring Refugee Tales' campaign 28 Tales for 28 Days, which runs for a month from 11 September 2018. During this time, Refugee Tales is releasing 28 tales online – one each day over 28 days - to highlight the call for a 28 day time limit [...]

Why a 28 day time limit on immigration detention?

Why a 28 day time limit on immigration detention? Earlier today, Sir Stephen Shaw gave oral evidence to the Home Affairs Committee. I was half listening to the section of the session which touched on the issue of a time limit - I will have to read it in full [...]

Detention oversight: Submitting evidence to a Select Committee

Over the past few years, immigration detention has been the focus of increasing government and parliamentary scrutiny. This year, Stephen Shaw published his follow-up review into welfare in detention, and inquiries were launched by the Home Affairs Committee and the Joint Committee on Human Rights. To enable Forum members to [...]