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Immigration detention is not the answer, for anyone.

People are detained without a time limit, for months, sometimes even years.

It is harmful and expensive. It robs people of their dignity, spirit and lives.

This can’t go on.

We are working towards an immigration system that is based on humanity, compassion and fairness.

To begin this process of change and to reduce detention, we are calling for:

Community-based alternatives to detention that respect rights can minimise the use of detention, reducing costs and helping people to live with dignity in the community while going through the immigration process.


Detention oversight: Submitting evidence to a Select Committee

Over the past few years, immigration detention has been the focus of increasing government and parliamentary scrutiny. This year, Stephen Shaw published his follow-up review into welfare in detention, and inquiries were launched by the Home Affairs Committee [...]

Join our team! Social media volunteers needed

Social media volunteers needed!  Deadline 10 September 2018 We are looking for enthusiastic and curious volunteers who have a deep interest in and commitment to challenging immigration detention and promoting migrants' rights, and can help us increase our social media presence. This [...]

Detention reform: Shaw’s progress review in context

Stephen Shaw’s follow up review on the UK’s immigration detention system – Assessment of government progress in implementing the report on the welfare in detention of vulnerable persons – was published on 24 July 2018. This was intended as [...]

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Unlocking Detention is a twitter tour of the Detention Estate

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The changes we want to see: -

— A time limit on detention
— Ending the detention of vulnerable people
— Improving judicial oversight of detention



The relevance of The UN Convention against Torture (CAT) within UK law and how it can be used in holding the Government to account. #Time4aTimeLimit Detention of vulnerable people/children increases mental health.


How you can take action to help end immigration detention. Detention is not the answer. Take action. It's #Time4aTimeLimit

Bridget Walker speaks of her experiences protesting outside Campsfield Detention Centre - 14.00 -


MP's responses to Sajid Javid's statement on Shaw's Review 2.0

Diane Abbott says 'Yarl’s Wood currently costs £10 million a year? That money would be better spent on giving support...to help these vulnerable women...we need care for their mental health.'


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